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buckle是什么意思,buckle中文翻译,buckle语法用法 ... center buckle表面中部波皱 buckle up系安全带;请系好安全带;开始行动;扣紧图片 plastic buckle塑胶插扣;胶扣...  普通

buckle up的意思、解释及翻译:1. to fasten the belt that keeps you in your seat in a car or a plane: 2. to fasten your seat belt…。了解更多。  普通

the rule is the same for pets— buckle up! 规则同样适用于你的宠物,为它们系上安全带。 bbs.goumin.com after the success and failure, but faith can ...  普通

buckle up是什么意思 buckle up在线翻译 buckle up什么意思 buckle up的意思 buckle up的翻译 buckle up的解释 buckle up的发音 buckle up的同义词...  普通

buckle up ( buckling, buckled, buckles ) 1. phrasal verb when you buckle up in a car or aeroplane, you fasten your seat belt. 系上安全带 [非...  普通

definition of buckle up in the idioms dictionary. buckle up phrase. what does buckle up expression mean? definitisno by the largest idiom dictionary.  普通

沪江词库精选buckle up是什么意思、英语单词推荐、中英文句子翻译、英语短语 名词扣牢 例句 keep up with; stay in touch 赶上;保持与..一样的速度;不落后;...  普通
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