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2019-09-18 10:07

英文 civil liberty 中文 【法】 公民自由, 个人自由最新查询: civil engineer civil engineer civil evidence civil forfeitu civil fruits civil gas defe civil ...  普通

最佳答案: civil liberty 英[ˈsivl ˈlibəti] 美[ˈsɪvəl ˈlɪbəti] n. 公民自由; [网络] 公民...更多关于civil liberty是什么意思啊的问题>>  专业问答网站

2011年10月24日 - civil liberty_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。civil liberty civil liberties are rights and freedoms that provide an individual specific rights s...  百度文库

civil liberty 美 英 na.公民自由;法律范围内的个人自由 网络自由权 英汉 网络释义 un. 1. 公民自由;法律范围内的个人自由 n. 1. 公民自由权 ...  普通

published 17th august 2019 by civil liberty correspondent the story of an explosion at a copenhagen tax office hasn’t been headline news but at least ...  普通

can't afford the costs in either the number of police needed to infiltrate every neighborhood and religious sect or the associated loss of civil liberty...  普通 website under csnotructionthank you for your patience a grass roots anti terror spsnoored by ...  普通

civil liberty definition is - freedom from arbitrary governmental interference (as with the right of free speech) specifically by denial of governmental power...  普通

2016年11月23日 - the prisoner was ___ of his civil liberty for three years. a....“剥夺,使丧失”,可与介词of搭配,意为“剥夺”,与句意相符;dispatch“派遣,...  百度文库
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