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2019-09-18 14:06

the pressure to compete causes americans to be energeticpressure 后面为什么一定要跟 to 跟其他介词可以吗?americans to be energetic 为什么要加be呢?这个be是...  普通

pressure tap 测压孔;压力计接口;取压分接管 pressure rod 测压孔;压力计接口;取压分接管 maybe they feel too much pressure to do well on their tests...  普通

pressure units converter. convert pascals (pa), kilopascal (kpa), mpa, torr, mmhg, psi, atm.  普通

the iasb says it does not want to act without overall planning, but the pressure to fold when it completes its recsnotruction of rules later this year...  普通

expectation of our society is that these are desirable goals, and the individual, whatever his personal inclination, is under csnoiderable pressure to ...  普通

沪江词库精选bring a pressure to bear on是什么意思、英语单词推荐 【法】 对...施加压力 例句 you have to bring some pressure to bear on him. 你们...  普通

an official may also exploit press coverage in order to establish his agency's credibility with csnotituency groups, or to bring pressure to bear on other...  普通
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