Algae Plants

  • SAT Algae Plants are supplied to clients under a Lump-Sum-Turn-Key contract scheme
  • SAT Algae Plants can be built from 1 hectare to 200 hectare acreage. We consider any plant layout of 10 or more hectares to be economically attractive.
  • SAT offers two different plant layouts one for natural algae, and one for GM algae reflecting the different production pathways

  • All engineering and construction work will be performed by dedicated engineering partners, which also will cover all mechanical repairs and warranties

  • SATs proprietary plant designs are capable of producing up to 2,500 tons per hectare per year of algae biomass from natural algae or up to 2.2 million liters of bioethanol per hectare per year from SAT-produced GM algae


Standard 1 hectare plant layout. Picture non-contractual