Lip service A perfect pout needs protection Lips are hard little workers, but add a dose of Wuthering Heights weather, not to mention fits of passion, and they tend to peel rather than pout.


Lips lack several of the body’s protective substances. Without an effective lipid barrier, they lose moisture regularly and their lack of hydrating sebaceous glands makes them prone to chapping. They also lack melanin (the body’s natural protector) and they burn easily. To take care of your pucker, wear a protective lip balm that has a high SPF when outdoors. It’s crucial to keep moisture trapped, so go for one that contains a humectant such as glycerin. I like Laura Mercier Lip Balm SPF 15, $40 for 3.5g. It’s conditioning, protective and tastes great. It’s important to maintain your lips by exfoliating regularly. Use a clean children’s toothbrush or try The Body Shop Lipscuff, $14.65 – resist if you are prone to cold sores, as the stimulation could provoke an outbreak. Some lip treatments contain exfoliating ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids but I prefer something a little less harsh such as Skinceuticals Anti-oxidant Lip Repair, $69 for 9ml, which contains silymarin and vitamin E plus a gentle natural exfoliant. It also helps prevent the furrowing of lips and can be worn every day. A few drops of vitamin E oil rubbed into the lips is a great treatment overnight.


The best product to make your lips look plumper is Beta Alistine Rocket Science Lip Zone Treatment, $78 for 20ml. It helps restore damaged lips and also moisturises, smoothes out fine lines and can be worn under your lipstick or balm. BEAUTY AT WORK BODY MOISTURISERS Human-resources officer and mother-of-two Selina Page needs a good body moisturiser that will both soothe and nourish. We gave her several and she chose these three as her favourites. 1 Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream, $45 for 222ml. “This is packed with essential oils and also contains lactic acid and hydroxy acids which help unblock pores and get rid of dead skin cells. This allows moisture to penetrate.” 2 Murad Body Care Vitamin C Body Firming Cream, $95 for 200ml. “My favourite. This is intensive and contains vitamin C, algae extract and shea butter. It moisturises without the greasy residue.” For stockists, call . 3 Nivea Nourishing Lotion, $4.28 for 200ml. “Light and good value with almond oil and Vitamin E in it. I like that it also contains natural alpha hydroxy acids. It gently lifts dead skin and moisturises at the same time.” QUICK TIP To prevent lipstick smearing on your teeth, pucker your mouth around your index finger and then slowly pull it back. MIMCO MAKES IT The buzz around one of Australia’s favourite accessory labels, Mimco, is spreading. Harrods of London, among the world’s most prestigious stores, has recently picked up its winter range.

The store’s buyers were impressed with the latest collection – a bohemian-inspired leather fiesta that includes simple hair ties and clips, luxury 1970s-style patchwork barrettes and tooled leather headbands in tan, creamy suede and black. Costing between $20 and $60, they are stocked at Mimco in South Yarra, Melbourne, and David Jonesin Sydney.

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